Only members of 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Ireland are eligible to nominate a charity/organisation. There is no proxy voting. Charities cannot nominate themselves. 

In order to be considered to present at a meeting the charity must be:

  • Have operations in the Galway region.
  • A registered charitable organisation.
  • Established for at least 1 year (no start-ups).


  • Organisations with a national link or international link may be nominated, provided the request is for a project to be delivered in the Galway region.
  • All funds must be spent in the Galway region.
  • Members of 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Ireland may nominate three charitable organisations for consideration upon joining/renewing.
  • Three (3) charities, previously verified as eligible by the core team, will be selected by blind draw one month prior to an event.
  • Once notified of their selection, nominated charities are required to keep their participation strictly confidential prior to the meeting.
  • The winning organisation will be ineligible to receive funds from 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Ireland for two (2) years.
  • The two charities not selected may be nominated again in one year’s time.
  • All three selected charities will be allowed to bring brochures and display booths, and will be encouraged to network with members after the event.
  • The recipient charity must agree to provide tax receipts directly to the donors and to announce the expected mailing date of those receipts to the members on the evening of their selection.
  • Charities are not to add the members to the charity’s mailing list under any circumstances.
  • A request will be made of the recipient charity to present an update on their use of the donation at the next meeting of 100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Ireland.
  • 100 Men Who Give a Damn! - Ireland reserves the right to amend these eligibility criteria when appropriate, without consultation with the nominated charities.